• Sarah Kiefer

Why I Travel

I made a promise to myself when I was a young girl to wander. To leave the small town full of likeminded people and to find my own way. I’ve always longed to meet people from entirely different circumstances and with different mindsets. To venture through unfamiliar cities that tell stories of their complex history and to be in places that are unlike my own. So last summer without having an idea of what I was doing, I bought a plane ticket to Germany. All I knew was I had two months to explore as much of Europe as I could. I had never flown, had never seen the ocean, and most importantly had never been on my own, but fuck it right? Now I’m happy to say that I’ve kept that promise and ten-year-old Sarah would be proud.

They say traveling is addicting. There’s no way in denying that its not, but it’s not just the captivating foreign places but the people and everything in between that leave you craving more. For me, I have to say that it’s the people you meet along the way that make it so memorable. One moment you’re home in the same old routine and the next your sitting in a flat high up in a city far far away with a bunch of unfamiliar faces. People that come from different corners all around the world and somehow you all end up in this space together. Such a curious thing that brings people together like that. It’s such a unique feeling being surrounded by people that may not all speak the same language fluently but are able to connect on a deeper level. In an instant those people become close friends and its almost as if you’ve known each other for ages. Meeting people when you travel is such a beautiful thing. Everyone’s more honest, more open and not as scared. Maybe it’s the shared realization that these moments shared together are fleeting. The people you meet today you may never see again. You learn to appreciate those moments more and take advantage of the time you do have. So you take that leap, you talk to that girl, you kiss that guy because the worst thing about traveling is saying goodbye and you don’t want to leave wishing you would have done more and trust me that shit hurts.

You learn so much when you travel about the world, about people, and yourself. I know, the whole cliché saying ‘traveling to find yourself’, blah blah blah. I won’t get too deep into that because I think we’re all a little tired of that. But you do change. You don’t realize it at first but not only are you exploring new cities but also yourself. You’re put in situations you could never imagine, from dancing in the rainy streets of Madrid with the moon lighting the way to watching the sunrise on a beach in Italy. It sounds like a dream, mostly because it is. I long for the unfamiliar, the uncertainty of where I’ll end next. The possibilities are endless, and you feel infinite. Once you’ve tasted such freedom you’re never really the same.

For me traveling ignites a fire inside me. It leaves me feeling passionate and inspired like the world is in the palm of my hands. It is really a high like no other, an addiction that can’t quite be met. I never want to lose that feeling. I still think its funny that even from a young age I knew what I wanted to do but I never would have realized the huge impact it would have on me and how it would shaped me into who I am today, and yet I’ve only just started.

To all the places I’ve been and the beautiful souls I met along the way, thank you. And to all the people that are waiting to take that leap, take it. Here’s to new adventures.

-Love S



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